New Jersey At Night: Ten Fun Things To Do (2023)

New Jersey has no shortage of things to do after dark. Whilst it’s largely known for its wild nightlife, the state also offers more leisurely and cultural activities for those that want a break from partying. Here are just ten fun activities to try out whilst visiting NJ.

Watch the sun set over Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake’s main appeal is in the name. Located near Bridgeton, this large reservoir offers some of the most stunning sunset views in all the state. It’s perfect for those wanting to experience the natural side of New Jersey. There’s a local amphitheatre here that sometimes hosts concerts and plays – if you’re lucky, you may be able to visit whilst one of these events is on. Sunset Lake also has many attractions worth checking out during the day such as kayaking and swimming. There are a few hotels and vacation rentals nearby, some of which have views of the lake. These could be worth looking into whilst visiting the lake.

See the Manhattan skyline at night

For more impressive evening views, make sure to also visit Liberty State Park. Situated across from New York, you can take in incredible views of the Manhattan skyline from here. There are also boat tours from here that could allow you to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty at night. You could even consider visiting New York from here and soaking up the night attractions that this city has to offer. Be sure to be on the look out for a good digital marketing agency in New York. There are many ways to get to Liberty State Park including by bus, by train and by car – if you drive, be wary that parking can be expensive.

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See a live band at the Stone Pony

Those that love their live music may want to plan a trip to The Stone Pony. This renowned music venue has a vibrant history: it opened in 1973 and has since helped launch the careers of artists as big as Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The venue regularly hosts world-class names and is a popular attraction for those visiting New Jersey (it’s worth booking tickets far in advance to secure entry). On top of great live music, The Stone Pony also offers a fantastic selection of drinks from cocktails to unique beers, helping to add to your experience.

Check out the entertainment at Borgata

Atlantic City’s Borgata is primarily a hotel, but is also the city’s leading casino. Whether you fancy a go on the slot machines or want to try your hand at poker, this is the casino to place your bets. On top of its casino, Borgata also hosts plenty of live entertainment – it’s most popular shows include its comedians and returning musical acts such as Loverboy. If this all wasn’t enough, Borgata also sports extensive spa facilities for those that want a relaxing escape. You don’t have to be a guest here to take advantage of all these services (although you can book a room if you want all these services on your doorstep).

Taste some ales at Hub City Brewhouse

Fancy tasting some of New Jersey’s most exciting ales? Hub City Brewhouse in New Brunswick is a must-visit attraction for those that love their IPAs. It regularly hosts ale-related events and even brews some of its own beers. The bar also sells some of the best grilled food in the state thanks to the help of its winning grillmaster chef, making it a great dining destination. Given its reputation, it’s also surprisingly affordable – so if you’re looking for a good night out without having to seriously splurge, this could be the place to try out.

Pay a visit to the Stress Factory Comedy Club

The Stress Factory Comedy Club is the place to go for live comedy. Located in New Brunswick, this comedy venue attracts local and national comedy acts. On top of getting entertained, you can also order food and drink here, making it the perfect evening dinner spot. It’s not even particularly pricey, so could be ideal if you’re on a budget. Make sure to visit the club’s site to check out dates so that you can choose the best time to visit.

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Hit the nightclubs of Atlantic City

For those that want the true Jersey Shore experience, be sure to head down to Atlantic City and check out some of the buzzing nightclubs. The Pool After Dark is a nightclub containing a swimming pool and plays primarily EDM and modern hip hop. Boogie Nights meanwhile offer a more retro experience, predominantly playing music from the 70s and 80s, whilst also hosting 90s nights. Drinks in some of these nightclubs can be pricey and you should make sure to look up the dress code beforehand. There are plenty of other nightclubs across New Jersey that you can also try.

Chill at 46 Lounge

46 Lounge is a tropical-themed lounge bar located in Totowa that’s also well worth visiting if you’re looking for somewhere unique to drink. Here you can taste some of the most incredible cocktails in New Jersey, whilst also sampling some great wines. There are various rooms and a balcony with palm trees. It’s ideal for a laid-back evening when you don’t feel like raving. That said, 46 Lounge does have more uptempo nights when it turns into more of a nightclub – music on these nights ranges from Top 40 to house.

Take a walk along Ocean City boardwalk

New Jersey is known for its many boardwalks – there are 18 boardwalks to be found across NJ’s coastal towns. Ocean City arguably has the most exciting boardwalk of any of the resort towns in the area. At night, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to try, all with sea views. Alternatively, you may wish to try your hand at some of the amusements along the boardwalk – Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is open late and great for kids and adults alike. You could even decide to simply spend the night strolling along the boardwalk and taking in the sights.

Grab a cup of coffee at Ocean City Coffee Company

If you fancy a late night coffee, the Ocean City Coffee Company might be the place to try. This is the atmosphere where I want to write my college paper, and it’s the place where I’ll bring my friends next time. In short, it’s the best spot to work and relax. This chain currently consists of three coffee shops spread out across Ocean City – two of which are open until 11pm. You can choose from over 110 varieties of roasted, gourmet coffee here as well as numerous varieties of tea. Coffeeholics and tea lovers alike will love it.

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